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ESBE VRG Mixing Valves for 3-way and 4-way Applications

ESBE VRG Mixing Valves for 3-way and 4-way Applications

The ESBE VRG series of 3 & 4-way valves are designed to mix water to the appropriate temperature to meet the zone or system requirements within heating and cooling systems. The redesigned VRG valve replaces the MG and G series of rotary valves providing additional operational features. By either mixing or diverting, the fluid temperature leaving the valve is regulated by the VRG in either a manual operation or automatically when coupled with the ARA600 Series or 90 Series electronic motor actuator. These actuators are typically connected to an outdoor reset controller, DDC system or boilers with integrated controls.

Available VRG Valve Sizes

VRG Data sheet

VRG 130, 3-way Installation Instructions

VRG 140, 4-way Installation Instructions

ESBE Electronic Actuators

ESBE Series VRG130 is a range of compact 3-way low leakage mixing valves, while the ESBE Series VRG140 is a range for 4-way mixing valves. For easy manual operation the valves are equipped with non-slip knobs and end stops for an operational angle of 90°. The valve position scale can be turned over and rotated allowing many different mounting positions. Together with ARA600 and Series 90 actuators, the VRG valves are easily automated and have excellent regulating accuracy due to the unique valve to actuator interface.
(When matching the VRG with a Series 90 actuator a mounting adapter is required 193B1616)