AB-QM, PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve)
EXPO Village VIP Hotel, Shanghai - China

EXPO Village VIP Hotel, Shanghai - China

Location: Shanghai, China
Project: Village VIP Hotel
Application: Central Air-conditioning system for both cooling and heating
The Expo Village is in the Pudong section of the Expo site along the Huangpu River and covers 264,000 square meters. The Expo Village will include a five star hotel, three budget hotels and 20 appartment blocks, providing about 7,000 beds for Expo delegations from nearly 200 countries. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of June and the village is due to open in September 2009. The tallest structure in the village is the 26-story InterContinental Hotel (398 rooms and 554 beds), a five star property for  VIP visitors during the 184-day world fair
Rooms in the Expo Village will feature impressive views of Expo pavilions and the shimmering Huangpu River
Danfoss supplied a wide rangs of products to be installed like AV-QM's, AF-Qm's, MSV's, FZV's and large sized AB-QM's.

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