Thermostatic Radiator Valve Assemblies

RA 2000 Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) regulate the flow of hot water or low pressure 1-pipe or 2-pipe steam through free standing radiators, baseboards, or convectors. When assembled with the non-electric thermostatic operators, the assembly offers an effective method of individual zoning and regulation of the ambient room temperature, which in turn reduces overheating problems within the room.
If the necessary method of control is with electric actuators, the thermostatic operators can be removed and replaced with 24VAC thermo-actuators, which are available in either ON/OFF, ON/OFF with dry contact or proportional/modulating.

RA2000 Valve Bodies

RA2000 Thermostatic Operators

Electronic Actuators

RA2000 Valve Bodies RA2000 Thermostatic Operators Electronic Actuators
Available valve bodies for applications involving:
  • 2-pipe hot water
  • 2-pipe low pressure steam
  • 1-pipe low pressure steam

Available RA2000 Valve Bodies

Valve Application Overview

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RA2000 Assembly Submital Sheet

Non-electric RA2000 thermostatic operators available in:
  • Standard Valve Mounted Operator
  • Tamper Resistant Valve Mounted Operators
  • Remote Wall Mounted Operators

Non-Electric Thermostatic Operator Selections

How the thermostatic operator works.

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Operator Replacement Series

The RA2000 valve can also be regulated with an electronic actuator. The low voltage thermo-actuators are available in:

  • ON/ OFF signal
  • Proportional/ Modulating, 0-10VDC signal
  • Normally open (NO) / Normally closed (NC)
  • With dry contact

Overview of Thermo-Actuator Options

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