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RA-C Valve Body

RA-C Valve Body

RA-C is a high capacity two-port valve used in the regulation of hot or chilled water in water systems. The RA-C's actuator mounting connection is identical to the RA2000 family, allowing a wide selection of thermostatic and electric actuators to suit water applications such as chilled ceilings, chilled beams, fan coils, induction units for heating/cooling, and radiators.

  • Four pre-settings ensure correct water flow through the valve.
  • Easy and exact presetting without using special tools.
  • Designed for low velocity noise for cooling and heating systems.
  • Corrosion resistant brass.
  • External threads that allow tailpieces for either threaded male NPT or solder female piping connections.

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RA2000 Valve Body for Heating