Radiator Thermostats

Radiator Thermostatic Assembly, RA2000 Series

RA 2000 Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) regulate the flow of hot water or low pressure 1-pipe or 2-pipe steam through free standing radiators, baseboards, or convectors. When assembled with the non-electric thermostatic operators, the assembly offers an effective method of individual zoning and regulation of the ambient room temperature, which in turn reduces overheating problems within the room.
If the necessary method of control is with electric actuators, the thermostatic operators can be removed and replaced with 24VAC thermo-actuators, which are available in either ON/OFF, ON/OFF with dry contact or proportional/modulating.

2-Pipe Low Pressure Steam Application

2-Pipe Hot Water Application

1-Pipe Low Pressure Steam Application

Allows transformation from a 1-pipe steam system to hot water system.

Conversion Valve

The standard valve mounted dials are mounted through a built-in snap on mechanism. Upon pushing the operator onto the valve body the mechanism grabs the valve.

Valve Mounted Versions

The tamper resistant versions of thermostatic operators are designed to discourage unauthorized adjustment, vandalism and theft.

Tamper Resistant Versions

The wall mounted dial and sensor is available in three different lengths; 6, 16 and 26ft, which can be accomodating to its placement within the room.

Wall Mounted Operator

The wall mounted dial and remote sensor contains two 6ft capillary tubes providing mounting flexibility for the dial adjuster.

Wall Mounted Version with Remote Sensor

Identify previous versions of Danfoss' thermostatic radiator valve assemblies.