AB-QM, PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve)
SBA Green House, Vilnius - Lithunaia

SBA Green House, Vilnius - Lithunaia

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Project: SBA Green House
Application: Balancing and Control
The new SBA Green House is located in the Zverynas district of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The building serves as a central office and features 14 floors and a total height of 56 meters (184 ft.) After four years on hold, the construction recommenced in February 2008 and will be finished by September 2009.
The customer chose for Danfoss because of the easy balancing and comissioning of the valves (problem free). This was also the second project of the installer that was made with AB-QM's
Danfoss supplied a wide rangs of products to be installed like AB-Qm's, AME's, FHF's and TWA-A's/TWA-Z's

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