Getting Closer to Customers’ Needs

Getting Closer to Customers’ Needs

40 consulting engineers were invited by Danfoss in the USA to take part in a seminar about the valve AB-QM. The day gave the US team a unique opportunity to learn more about customers’ actual needs.

The US team became much wiser on the customers’ needs when it invited 40 consulting engineers recently to a seminar on the Danfoss AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) and the many benefits associated with this unique HVAC product, especially its ability to offer substantial energy savings.

The seminar was held at the Danfoss Training Center near Baltimore, MD, and the cornerstone of the event was a professional demonstration panel that mimics a real heating/cooling application in a multi-storey building. The application is set up to be controlled by a traditional valve setup (manual balancing valves or flow-limiting valves) or by AB-QM PICVs to show the difference in performance. The panel is fully supported by software so that the engineers could see real-time changes in flows and pressures. This was an interactive session allowing the engineers to input their own values on system pressure, system loads, room loads, etc. and be able to compare system performance between a traditional design and an AB-QM design.

“We received tremendous feedback after this seminar. The demonstration panel really helps make clear the Danfoss value proposition. It can directly link our value proposition to our customers’ needs which is the key to getting the engineers to add us to their specifications,” says Sales Director Lyle Moroz.

The team is planning to run similar seminars in other parts of the US later this year.