AVDO, Pressure Regulator

AVDO is a self-acting automatic by-pass control primarily used either to maintain minimum flow rates or to control the differential pressure in a heating system.

AVDO, Pressure Regulator

Technical data

Code No.TypeSetting Range

AVDO with External/External Thread

003L6020 AVDO 150.05 - 0.5G 3/4 AG 3/4 A
003L6025 AVDO 200.05 - 0.5G 1 AG 1 A
003L6030 AVDO 250.05 - 0.5G 1¼ AG 1¼ A


Thermostatic Radiator Valve, Electric Zone Valve & Pressure Bypass Valve Catalog_VKGWC122
TRV_Electric_Zone_Valve_small.pdf (1.3 Mb), Literature number: VKGWC122, Language: US English, Release date: 22/06 2015

Data sheet
Automatic By-pass Valve AVDO
AVDO- DS_VD55K622.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VD55K622, Language: US English, Release date: 14/04 2010

AVDO - Installation and Commissioning Guide
AVDO_vi55m902.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VI55M902, Language: English, Release date: 06/03 2008
AVDO Automatic Bypass Control Instructions
AVDO instruc.pdf (5.7 Mb), Literature number: VIPBA122, Language: US English, Release date: 30/10 2007

Technical papers
AVDO_datasheet.pdf (1.1 Mb), Literature number: , Language: US English, Release date: 05/09 2006