Hydronic Comfort Controls

ABNM modulating valve actuators

The modulated thermal actuator ABNM is used in direct digital controlled (DDC) systems with 0- 10 V DC control voltage. Apply both in heating and cooling systems.

ABNM modulating valve actuators

Technical data


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Hydronic Comfort Controls Catalog_2012_VKGWB122
2012 Hydronic Catalog - Complete.pdf (1.9 Mb), Literature number: VKGWB122, Language: US English, Release date: 22/03 2012

Data sheet
Modulating Valve Actuators, Type ABNM, VDSKA322
ABNM_DS_March_2014.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VDSKA322, Language: US English, Release date: 10/03 2014

Zone Valve Brochure
Zone Valves Brochure.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VBRAP122, Language: US English, Release date: 13/09 2007