MTC Microline Electronic Thermostat

MTC Microline electronic thermostats offer an elegant design. The thermostats are available with floor sensor or with biult-in air sensor. 16 Amp switch rating. 24V models are "dry" contact thermostats.

MTC Microline Electronic Thermostat

Technical data

Code No.ScaleVoltage

MTC electronic thermostats

MTC1991UFH ° Fahrenheit240Floor sensor, 10 ft. 
MTC1999UCH ° Celcius240Built-in ambient air room sensor 
MTC1999UFH ° Fahrenheit240Built-in ambient air room sensor 
MTC2991UCH ° Celcius120Floor sensor, 10 ft. 
MTC2991UFH ° Fahrenheit120Floor sensor, 10 ft. 
MTC2999UCH ° Celcius120Built-in ambient air room sensor 
MTC2999UFH ° Fahrenheit120Built-in ambient air room sensor 
MTC39914UC ° Celcius24Floor sensor, 10 ft. 
MTC39914UF ° Fahrenheit24Floor sensor, 10 ft. 
MTC39994UC ° Celcius24Built-in ambient air room sensor 
MTC39994UF ° Fahrenheit24Built-in ambient air room sensor 


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Microline MTC t'stat instructions
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Microline MTW t'stat instructions
MTW instruc.pdf (0.6 Mb), Literature number: VIBZD122, Language: US English, Release date: 15/04 2010

Electronic Thermostats for Radiant Heating
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