Hydronic Comfort Controls

FH Room Thermostat

FH room thermostats are designed to provide single room temperature control in hydronic floor heating systems.

FH Room Thermostat

Technical data

Code No.DescriptionPower SupplyTemperature Setting
Night Setback

FH Room Thermostat

088H0024 Room thermostat with optional connection
for a floor sensor. Scale in Celcius.
24 VAC6 - 30 °CManual (Automatic via external timer, not included)


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Data sheet
FH-WS Electronic Room Thermostat
FH-WS Datasheet- VDSGA122- 03-10.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VDSGA122, Language: US English, Release date: 03/03 2010

FH Hydronic Floor Heating Thermostats
088N1850_APRL_08.pdf (0.6 Mb), Literature number: VISPN122, Language: US English, Release date: 18/06 2008


088H0025 Floor Sensor for FH-WS thermostats. When installed, provides minimum or maximum regulation of floor temperature.