Hydronic Comfort Controls

STV Series Balancing Valves

STV series balancing valves provide a high level of balancing accuracy using an easy to adjust wheel with a digital display. Valves include memory stop and dual differential pressure read out ports as standard equipment.

STV Series Balancing Valves

Technical data

Code No.ConnectionCvValve bodySize

STV valves

065F895601 Solder3.3Brass1/2"
065F8965 NPT4.1Brass1/2"
065F896501 Solder3.3Brass1/2"
065F8966 NPT5.9Brass3/4"
065F896601 Solder4.1Brass3/4"
065F8967 NPT10.2Brass1"
065F896701 Solder5.9Brass1"
065F8968 NPT15.2Brass1-1/4"
065F896801 Solder10.2Brass1 1/4"
065F8969 NPT22.6Brass1-1/2"
065F896901 Solder22.6Brass1-1/2"
065F8970 NPT36.5Brass2"
065F897001 Solder36.5Brass2"
065F8971 Flanged (ANSI 125)110.00 2-1/2"
065F8972 Flanged (ANSI 125)128.0Cast Iron3"
065F8973 Flanged (ANSI 125)220Cast Iron4"
065F8974 Flanged (ANSI 125)349Cast Iron5"
065F8975 Flanged (ANSI 125)493Cast Iron6"
065F8993 Flanged (ANSI 125)696Cast Iron8"
065F8994 Flanged (ANSI 125)1405Cast Iron10"
065F8995 Flanged (ANSI 125)1764Cast Iron12"


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Data sheet
STV Series Balancing Valves
STV Series DS- VDDNB122.pdf (1.5 Mb), Literature number: VDDNB122, Language: US English, Release date: 09/05 2008