Danfoss Hago Burner Components

H - Hollow Cone - Red Caps

This series distributes the atomized oil particles evenly toward the outside of the the spray cone. These nozzles are particularly well suited for low firing rates and burners with hollow air pattern. Normally used in wider spray angles.

H - Hollow Cone - Red Caps

Technical data

Code No.Capacity
Spray angle
Hago ItemSpray Pattern


030G0280 5.510035853Hollow
030G0283 610035859Hollow
030G0286 910035860Hollow
030G0287 1010035865Hollow
030G0289 1210035867Hollow
030G0333 0.559030Hollow
030G1000 0.5530989Hollow
030G1001 0.6301175Hollow
030G1002 0.65301650Hollow
030G1004 0.85303150Hollow
030G1005 0.9303650Hollow
030G1006 1304200Hollow
030G1007 1.1304800Hollow
030G1008 1.2305400Hollow
030G1009 1.25306000Hollow
030G1010 1.35306600Hollow
030G1011 1.5307200Hollow
030G1012 1.65307800Hollow
030G1013 1.75308400Hollow
030G1014 2309000Hollow
030G1015 2.25309600Hollow
030G1016 2.53010200Hollow
030G1017 2.753010800Hollow
030G1018 33011400Hollow
030G1019 3.253012000Hollow
030G1020 3.53012600Hollow
030G1021 3.753013200Hollow
030G1022 43013800Hollow
030G1024 4.53015000Hollow
030G1025 4.753015510Hollow
030G1026 53015600Hollow
030G1027 5.53016200Hollow
030G1028 63016800Hollow
030G1029 6.53017400Hollow
030G1031 7.53018600Hollow
030G1032 83019200Hollow
030G1033 8.53019800Hollow
030G1035 9.53020555Hollow
030G1045 0.44595Hollow
030G1046 0.4545205Hollow
030G1047 0.545500Hollow
030G1048 0.5545990Hollow
030G1049 0.6451200Hollow
030G1050 0.65451700Hollow
030G1051 0.7452200Hollow
030G1052 0.75452700Hollow
030G1053 0.8453498Hollow
030G1054 0.85453200Hollow
030G1055 0.9453700Hollow
030G1056 1454300Hollow
030G1057 1.1454900Hollow
030G1058 1.2455500Hollow
030G1059 1.25456100Hollow
030G1060 1.35456700Hollow
030G1061 1.5457300Hollow
030G1062 1.65457900Hollow
030G1063 1.75458500Hollow
030G1065 2459100Hollow
030G1066 2.25459700Hollow
030G1067 2.54510300Hollow
030G1068 2.754510900Hollow
030G1069 34511500Hollow
030G1070 3.254512100Hollow
030G1071 3.54512700Hollow
030G1072 3.754513300Hollow
030G1073 44513900Hollow
030G1074 4.254514500Hollow
030G1075 4.54515100Hollow
030G1076 4.754515520Hollow
030G1077 54515700Hollow
030G1078 5.254516150Hollow
030G1079 5.54516300Hollow
030G1080 64516900Hollow
030G1081 6.54517500Hollow
030G1082 74518100Hollow
030G1083 7.254518105Hollow
030G1084 7.54518700Hollow
030G1085 84519300Hollow
030G1086 8.54519900Hollow
030G1087 94520400Hollow
030G1088 9.54520600Hollow
030G1089 114520716Hollow
030G1090 124520725Hollow
030G1100 0.460100Hollow
030G1101 0.4560300Hollow
030G1102 0.560600Hollow
030G1103 0.55601000Hollow
030G1104 0.6601300Hollow
030G1105 0.65601800Hollow
030G1106 0.7602300Hollow
030G1107 0.75602800Hollow
030G1108 0.8603495Hollow
030G1109 0.85603300Hollow
030G1110 0.9603800Hollow
030G1111 1604400Hollow
030G1112 1.1605000Hollow
030G1113 1.2605600Hollow
030G1114 1.25606200Hollow
030G1115 1.35606800Hollow
030G1116 1.5607400Hollow
030G1117 1.65608000Hollow
030G1118 1.75608600Hollow
030G1119 2609200Hollow
030G1120 2.25609800Hollow
030G1121 2.56010400Hollow
030G1122 2.756011000Hollow
030G1123 36011600Hollow
030G1124 3.256012200Hollow
030G1125 3.56012800Hollow
030G1126 3.756013400Hollow
030G1127 46014000Hollow
030G1128 4.256014600Hollow
030G1129 4.56015200Hollow
030G1130 4.756015530Hollow
030G1131 56015800Hollow
030G1132 5.56016400Hollow
030G1133 5.756016703Hollow
030G1134 66017000Hollow
030G1135 6.56017600Hollow
030G1136 76018200Hollow
030G1137 7.56018800Hollow
030G1138 86019400Hollow
030G1139 8.56020000Hollow
030G1140 96020500Hollow
030G1141 9.56020700Hollow
030G1142 106020714Hollow
030G1143 116020722Hollow
030G1144 126020724Hollow
030G1145 136020726Hollow
030G1146 146020730Hollow
030G1147 156020728Hollow
030G1148 166020732Hollow
030G1149 176020736Hollow
030G1150 186020740Hollow
030G1151 196020746Hollow
030G1152 206020750Hollow
030G1154 226020758Hollow
030G1156 246020766Hollow
030G1157 256020770Hollow
030G1164 356020798Hollow
030G1175 0.470101Hollow
030G1177 0.570700Hollow
030G1178 0.55701098Hollow
030G1179 0.6701400Hollow
030G1180 0.65701900Hollow
030G1181 0.7702400Hollow
030G1182 0.75702900Hollow
030G1183 0.8703496Hollow
030G1184 0.85703400Hollow
030G1185 0.9703902Hollow
030G1186 1704500Hollow
030G1187 1.1705100Hollow
030G1188 1.2705700Hollow
030G1189 1.25706300Hollow
030G1190 1.35706900Hollow
030G1191 1.5707500Hollow
030G1192 1.65708100Hollow
030G1193 1.75708700Hollow
030G1194 2709300Hollow
030G1195 2.25709900Hollow
030G1196 2.57010500Hollow
030G1197 2.757011100Hollow
030G1198 37011700Hollow
030G1199 3.257012300Hollow
030G1200 3.57012900Hollow
030G1201 3.757013500Hollow
030G1202 47014100Hollow
030G1203 4.257014700Hollow
030G1204 4.57015300Hollow
030G1206 57015900Hollow
030G1207 5.57016500Hollow
030G1208 67017100Hollow
030G1209 6.57017700Hollow
030G1211 7.57018900Hollow
030G1212 87019500Hollow
030G1213 8.57020100Hollow
030G1214 97020550Hollow
030G1215 107020715Hollow
030G1216 127020717Hollow
030G1220 0.480200Hollow
030G1221 0.4580302Hollow
030G1222 0.580800Hollow
030G1223 0.55801100Hollow
030G1224 0.6801500Hollow
030G1225 0.65802000Hollow
030G1226 0.7802500Hollow
030G1227 0.75803000Hollow
030G1228 0.8803490Hollow
030G1229 0.85803500Hollow
030G1230 0.9804000Hollow
030G1231 1804600Hollow
030G1232 1.1805200Hollow
030G1233 1.2805800Hollow
030G1234 1.25806400Hollow
030G1235 1.35807000Hollow
030G1236 1.5807600Hollow
030G1237 1.65808200Hollow
030G1238 1.75808800Hollow
030G1239 2809400Hollow
030G1240 2.258010000Hollow
030G1241 2.58010600Hollow
030G1242 2.758011200Hollow
030G1243 38011800Hollow
030G1244 3.258012400Hollow
030G1245 3.58013000Hollow
030G1246 3.758013600Hollow
030G1247 48014200Hollow
030G1248 4.258014800Hollow
030G1249 4.58015400Hollow
030G1250 4.758015550Hollow
030G1251 58016000Hollow
030G1252 5.58016600Hollow
030G1253 68017200Hollow
030G1254 6.58017800Hollow
030G1255 78018400Hollow
030G1256 7.58019000Hollow
030G1257 88019600Hollow
030G1258 8.58020200Hollow
030G1259 98020650Hollow
030G1261 118020723Hollow
030G1280 0.490106Hollow
030G1282 0.590900Hollow
030G1283 0.55901150Hollow
030G1284 0.6901601Hollow
030G1285 0.65902100Hollow
030G1287 0.75903100Hollow
030G1289 0.85903600Hollow
030G1290 0.9904100Hollow
030G1291 1904700Hollow
030G1292 1.1905300Hollow
030G1293 1.2905900Hollow
030G1294 1.25906500Hollow
030G1295 1.35907100Hollow
030G1296 1.5907700Hollow
030G1297 1.65908300Hollow
030G1298 1.75908900Hollow
030G1299 2909500Hollow
030G1300 2.259010100Hollow
030G1301 2.59010700Hollow
030G1302 2.759011300Hollow
030G1303 39011900Hollow
030G1305 3.59013100Hollow
030G1306 3.759013700Hollow
030G1307 49014300Hollow
030G1308 4.259014900Hollow
030G1309 4.59015500Hollow
030G1312 5.59016700Hollow
030G1318 8.59020300Hollow
030G1319 99020655Hollow
030G1329 0.75602801Hollow
030G1331 1604401Hollow
030G1332 1.25606201Hollow
030G1333 1.35606802Hollow
030G1334 1.75608602Hollow
030G1339 0.75803001Hollow
030G1341 1804601Hollow
030G1342 1.25806401Hollow
030G1343 1.35807001Hollow
030G1347 1.1905301Hollow
030G1350 1.5607401Hollow
030G1352 2.56010402Hollow
030G1353 0.75602805Hollow
030G1361 2809401Hollow
030G1363 1704502Hollow


9 Documents Found: 8 data sheet and 1 submittal sheets

Data sheet
Anti-Drip Spray Nozzles Type 4023
Nozzle-type4023_X016308_VDDZH222.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VDDZH222, Language: US English, Release date: 11/04 2012
Atomizing Water Spray Nozzles Types M & MW
Nozzle-typeM+MW_X016280_VDDZF122.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDDZF122, Language: US English, Release date: 19/01 2012
Bypass Nozzle Type BPS Datasheet VDDZJ222
Nozzle-TypeBPS_Datasheet_VDDZJ222_7_16.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VDDZJ222, Language: US English, Release date: 20/07 2016
Humidifying Nozzles Type B
Nozzle-typeB_X016327_VDDZI122.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDDZI122, Language: US English, Release date: 19/01 2012
Oil Nozzle Anti-Drip Valve (EcoValve)
Nozzle-EcoValves_X016295_VDDZG122.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VDDZG122, Language: US English, Release date: 20/01 2012
Oil Nozzles Siphon, Air Atomizing Nozzles
Nozzle-siphon_X009433_VDDZE222.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDDZE222, Language: US English, Release date: 22/12 2011
Oil Nozzles Type H, S-S, ES, P and B
Nozzles_X009524_VDCEY222.pdf (0.7 Mb), Literature number: VDCEY222, Language: US English, Release date: 04/12 2012
Oil Nozzles Type LC – Large Capacity
Nozzle-LC_X009324_VDDZC222.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VDDZC222, Language: US English, Release date: 22/12 2011

Submittal sheets
Hago Steel Oil Nozzle New 2015 Matrix Chart VLDZA122
Nozzle Matrix_Contractors_2015.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VLDZA122, Language: US English, Release date: 27/05 2015