B - Solid Cone - Black Caps

Designed to give optimum combustion efficiency on high static pressure flame retention burners which specifically a "B" pattern. As compared to our "ES" pattern, somewhat more fuel is concentrated towards the center of the spray.

B - Solid Cone - Black Caps

Technical data

Code No.Capacity
Spray angle
Hago ItemSpray Pattern


030G2800 0.43035113Solid
030G2802 0.53035145Solid
030G2803 0.553035155Solid
030G2804 0.63035156Solid
030G2805 0.653035170Solid
030G2806 0.753035180Solid
030G2807 0.83035192Solid
030G2808 0.853035189Solid
030G2809 13035201Solid
030G2810 1.13035209Solid
030G2811 1.23035218Solid
030G2812 1.253035228Solid
030G2813 1.353035238Solid
030G2814 1.53035249Solid
030G2815 1.653035263Solid
030G2816 1.753035274Solid
030G2817 23035283Solid
030G2820 0.44535110Solid
030G2821 0.454535095Solid
030G2822 0.54535146Solid
030G2823 0.554535151Solid
030G2824 0.64535157Solid
030G2825 0.654535168Solid
030G2826 0.74535175Solid
030G2827 0.754535182Solid
030G2828 0.84535194Solid
030G2829 0.854535188Solid
030G2830 0.94535197Solid
030G2831 14535202Solid
030G2832 1.14535208Solid
030G2833 1.24535220Solid
030G2834 1.254535232Solid
030G2835 1.354535242Solid
030G2836 1.54535253Solid
030G2837 1.654535264Solid
030G2838 1.754535275Solid
030G2840 24535285Solid
030G2845 0.46035115Solid
030G2846 0.456035105Solid
030G2847 0.56035147Solid
030G2848 0.556035152Solid
030G2849 0.66035164Solid
030G2850 0.656035169Solid
030G2851 0.76035176Solid
030G2852 0.756035184Solid
030G2853 0.86035219Solid
030G2854 0.856035190Solid
030G2855 0.96035198Solid
030G2856 16035204Solid
030G2857 1.16035210Solid
030G2858 1.26035222Solid
030G2859 1.256035234Solid
030G2860 1.356035244Solid
030G2861 1.56035255Solid
030G2862 1.656035266Solid
030G2863 1.756035280Solid
030G2864 26035290Solid
030G2875 0.47035117Solid
030G2876 0.457035124Solid
030G2877 0.57035148Solid
030G2878 0.557035153Solid
030G2879 0.67035165Solid
030G2880 0.657035171Solid
030G2881 0.77035178Solid
030G2882 0.757035185Solid
030G2883 0.87035223Solid
030G2884 0.857035193Solid
030G2885 0.97035120Solid
030G2886 17035205Solid
030G2887 1.17035212Solid
030G2888 1.27035224Solid
030G2889 1.257035235Solid
030G2890 1.357035246Solid
030G2891 1.57035256Solid
030G2892 1.657035268Solid
030G2893 1.757035281Solid
030G2894 27035291Solid
030G2900 0.48035118Solid
030G2901 0.458035107Solid
030G2902 0.58035150Solid
030G2903 0.558035154Solid
030G2904 0.68035166Solid
030G2905 0.658035173Solid
030G2906 0.78035177Solid
030G2907 0.758035186Solid
030G2908 0.88035191Solid
030G2909 0.858035195Solid
030G2910 0.98035199Solid
030G2911 18035206Solid
030G2912 1.18035214Solid
030G2913 1.28035226Solid
030G2914 1.258035236Solid
030G2915 1.358035247Solid
030G2916 1.58035257Solid
030G2917 1.658035270Solid
030G2918 1.758035282Solid
030G2919 28035292Solid
030G2930 0.49035119Solid
030G2932 0.59035149Solid
030G2933 0.559035158Solid
030G2934 0.69035167Solid
030G2935 0.659035174Solid
030G2937 0.759035187Solid
030G2938 0.89035181Solid
030G2939 0.859035196Solid
030G2940 0.99035229Solid
030G2941 19035207Solid
030G2942 1.19035217Solid
030G2943 1.29035227Solid
030G2944 1.259035237Solid
030G2945 1.359035248Solid
030G2946 1.59035258Solid
030G2947 1.659035272Solid
030G2948 1.759035284Solid
030G2949 29035293Solid
030G3104 1.56035259Solid
030G3105 0.58035300Solid
030G3122 13035310Solid
030G3123 1.253035240Solid
030G3124 14535225Solid
030G3125 1.254535239Solid
030G3126 0.756035112Solid
030G3127 16035215Solid
030G3128 1.256035320Solid
030G3129 0.758050461Solid
030G3130 0.858035230Solid
030G3131 18035203Solid
030G3132 1.258050463Solid
030G3140 2700Solid
030G3141 1.756035325Solid
030G3142 1.56035260Solid
030G3143 1.256035326Solid
030G3144 1.256035328Solid
030G3145 16035332Solid
030G3146 16035330Solid


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