P - Solid Cone - Green Caps

The "P" type is an extension of our "B" and "ES" series for firing rates of 2.00 GPH and above. It produces a solid cone pattern in the low rates and becomes more hollow as the flow rate increases. Specially designed with a pocketed disc to reduce combustion noises and pulsation.

P - Solid Cone - Green Caps

Technical data

Code No.Capacity
Spray angle
Hago ItemSpray Pattern


030G3400 23028000Solid
030G3401 2.253028050Solid
030G3402 2.53028100Solid
030G3403 2.753028150Solid
030G3404 33028200Solid
030G3405 3.253028250Solid
030G3406 3.53028300Solid
030G3407 3.753028350Solid
030G3408 43028400Solid
030G3409 4.253028450Solid
030G3410 4.53028500Solid
030G3411 4.753028550Solid
030G3412 53028600Solid
030G3413 5.253028650Solid
030G3414 5.53028700Solid
030G3416 63028800Solid
030G3417 6.53028850Solid
030G3418 73028900Solid
030G3419 7.53028950Solid
030G3420 83029000Solid
030G3421 8.53029050Solid
030G3422 93029100Solid
030G3423 9.53029150Solid
030G3424 103029200Solid
030G3425 10.53029242Solid
030G3426 113029250Solid
030G3428 123029300Solid
030G3429 12.53029345Solid
030G3430 133029350Solid
030G3431 13.53029394Solid
030G3432 143029400Solid
030G3433 14.53029444Solid
030G3434 153029450Solid
030G3436 163029497Solid
030G3437 173029518Solid
030G3439 183029535Solid
030G3441 203029565Solid
030G3442 213029574Solid
030G3443 223029578Solid
030G3445 243029598Solid
030G3446 253029617Solid
030G3449 303029642Solid
030G3451 353029658Solid
030G3460 24528010Solid
030G3461 2.254528060Solid
030G3462 2.54528110Solid
030G3463 2.754528160Solid
030G3464 34528210Solid
030G3465 3.254528260Solid
030G3466 3.54528310Solid
030G3467 3.754528360Solid
030G3468 44528410Solid
030G3469 4.254528460Solid
030G3470 4.54528510Solid
030G3471 4.754528560Solid
030G3472 54528610Solid
030G3473 5.254528660Solid
030G3474 5.54528710Solid
030G3475 5.754528760Solid
030G3476 64528810Solid
030G3477 6.54528860Solid
030G3478 74528910Solid
030G3479 7.54528960Solid
030G3480 84529010Solid
030G3481 8.54529060Solid
030G3482 94529110Solid
030G3483 9.54529160Solid
030G3484 104529210Solid
030G3485 10.54529245Solid
030G3486 114529260Solid
030G3487 11.54529296Solid
030G3488 124529310Solid
030G3489 134529360Solid
030G3490 13.54529391Solid
030G3491 144529410Solid
030G3493 154529460Solid
030G3495 164529500Solid
030G3496 174529520Solid
030G3498 184529540Solid
030G3499 194529555Solid
030G3500 204529560Solid
030G3501 214529573Solid
030G3503 224529580Solid
030G3504 234529594Solid
030G3505 244529600Solid
030G3506 254529620Solid
030G3507 264529632Solid
030G3508 274529634Solid
030G3509 284529638Solid
030G3510 294529640Solid
030G3511 304529643Solid
030G3512 324529656Solid
030G3514 354529660Solid
030G3520 26028020Solid
030G3521 2.256028070Solid
030G3522 2.56028120Solid
030G3523 2.756028170Solid
030G3524 36028220Solid
030G3525 3.256028270Solid
030G3526 3.56028320Solid
030G3527 3.756028370Solid
030G3528 46028420Solid
030G3529 4.256028470Solid
030G3530 4.56028520Solid
030G3531 4.756028570Solid
030G3532 56028620Solid
030G3533 5.256028670Solid
030G3534 5.56028720Solid
030G3535 5.756028770Solid
030G3536 66028820Solid
030G3537 6.56028870Solid
030G3538 76028920Solid
030G3539 7.56028970Solid
030G3540 86029020Solid
030G3541 8.56029070Solid
030G3542 96029120Solid
030G3543 9.56029170Solid
030G3544 106029220Solid
030G3545 10.56029247Solid
030G3546 116029270Solid
030G3547 11.56029297Solid
030G3548 126029320Solid
030G3549 136029370Solid
030G3550 13.56029396Solid
030G3551 146029420Solid
030G3552 14.56029446Solid
030G3553 156029470Solid
030G3554 15.56029495Solid
030G3555 166029510Solid
030G3557 176029530Solid
030G3558 17.56029534Solid
030G3559 186029550Solid
030G3560 196029556Solid
030G3561 206029570Solid
030G3562 216029576Solid
030G3563 226029590Solid
030G3564 236029595Solid
030G3565 246029610Solid
030G3566 256029630Solid
030G3567 266029633Solid
030G3568 276029635Solid
030G3569 286029639Solid
030G3570 296029641Solid
030G3571 306029644Solid
030G3572 316029655Solid
030G3573 336029654Solid
030G3574 346029662Solid
030G3575 356029670Solid
030G3576 326029657Solid
030G3578 456029710Solid
030G3580 326029657Solid
030G3590 27028030Solid
030G3591 2.257028080Solid
030G3592 2.57028130Solid
030G3593 2.757028180Solid
030G3594 37028230Solid
030G3595 3.257028280Solid
030G3596 3.57028330Solid
030G3597 3.757028380Solid
030G3598 47028430Solid
030G3599 4.257028480Solid
030G3600 4.57028530Solid
030G3601 4.757028580Solid
030G3602 57028630Solid
030G3604 5.57028730Solid
030G3606 67028830Solid
030G3607 6.57028880Solid
030G3608 77028930Solid
030G3609 7.57028980Solid
030G3610 87029030Solid
030G3611 8.57029080Solid
030G3612 97029130Solid
030G3613 9.57029180Solid
030G3614 107029230Solid
030G3615 117029280Solid
030G3616 127029330Solid
030G3617 137029380Solid
030G3618 147029430Solid
030G3619 157029480Solid
030G3621 177029531Solid
030G3635 28028040Solid
030G3636 2.258028090Solid
030G3637 2.58028140Solid
030G3638 2.758028190Solid
030G3639 38028240Solid
030G3640 3.258028290Solid
030G3641 3.58028340Solid
030G3642 3.758028390Solid
030G3643 48028440Solid
030G3644 4.258028490Solid
030G3645 4.58028540Solid
030G3646 4.758028590Solid
030G3647 58028640Solid
030G3649 5.58028740Solid
030G3651 68028840Solid
030G3652 6.58028890Solid
030G3653 78028940Solid
030G3654 7.58028990Solid
030G3655 88029040Solid
030G3656 8.58029090Solid
030G3657 98029140Solid
030G3659 108029240Solid
030G3661 118029290Solid
030G3663 128029340Solid
030G3664 138029390Solid
030G3665 148029440Solid
030G3666 158029490Solid
030G3667 168029514Solid
030G3668 178029532Solid
030G3669 17.58029537Solid
030G3670 188029552Solid
030G3671 198029558Solid
030G3673 208029572Solid
030G3674 218029579Solid
030G3675 228029599Solid
030G3676 238029597Solid
030G3677 248029615Solid
030G3678 258029628Solid
030G3679 268029647Solid
030G3680 308029650Solid
030G3681 358029672Solid
030G3692 3.59028341Solid
030G3695 2.54528113Solid
030G3696 2.56028121Solid
030G3697 2.54528112Solid
030G3698 188023605Solid


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Data sheet
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VDDZH322_Nozzle-type4023_3_18.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDDZH322, Language: US English, Release date: 07/03 2018
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Hago Oil Nozzles Type H, S-S, and B Datasheet VDCEY322
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