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RET2000B Digital Room Thermostat

RET2000B digital room thermostat combines a sleek modern design with a high performing energy saving control. Incorporating a generous, easy to read display that clearly shows the room temperature and output status of the thermostat. Further enhanced by an inbuilt backlight this thermostat is also ideal for those with poorer eyesight or where the location is dimly lit.

The RET2000B also benefits from selectable on/off and chrono-proportional control. Chronoproportional control significantly improves comfort and generally improves boiler efficiency by optimising water temperature.

Additional features include settable upper and lower temperature limits as well as push button lock to avoid tampering.

The RET2000B also has the option to be set as a cooling device, reversing the output logic and including compressor delay settings.

RET2000B Digital Room Thermostat

Technical data

Code No.ScaleSwitching VoltagePower Supply


087N6441NA  Dry Contacts rated for 10 - 24 VAC2 x AA Batteries (included)


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